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London florist Serenata Flowers delivers beautiful fresh flowers in the UK . As an independent florist , they cut out middlemen and offers cheaper flowers by buying flowers direct from the best growers and flower auctions around the world. Their flowers are fresher that what you will find in traditional flower shops in the UK , since they buy flowers internationally delivered to the UK and shipped out via their Free flower delivery service the same day.

Serenata Flowers - Next Day Flowers

Order before   8.00 pm
Delivery charge   £4.99
Free delivery available?   Yes
Order tracking?   Yes
Registration required?   No
Separate billing and delivery?   Yes


About serenata flowers?

Every Serenata Flowers bouquet is lovingly crafted in-house by their team of inspired floral artists. It means they're able to monitor quality very closely and can promise that your purchase will never include a wilted blossom or tired stem. If they ever can't deliver exactly what you've ordered, they'll send you an email to let you know we'll be making a substitution. And you needn't fret about their florists' discretion, they would never dream of substituting anything of lesser value or of dodgy aesthetic appeal.


While there's a time and place for whimsy, they certainly don't think it's anywhere in between you placing an order on their website and your flower-loving friend being festooned with beautiful petals. That's why they only use the most reliable delivery service to chauffeur your flowers to their final destination. In short, your flowers arrive when you expect them, not when it suits someone else. Their friendly, flower-loving customer service team like nothing more than shiny, happy customers. That's why they go out of their way to make ordering flowers as fun as receiving them. And they're happy to say it's not just Serenata Flowers who think they're the bees' knees - they've got a shiny award from the DTI to prove it.